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hoooooly crap   
02:46pm 13/07/2004
mood: amused
i just read through a bunch of my old entries. i've changed, and i'm glad. i mean, i'm still a whiny bitch, but not anywhere close to the extent that i used to be.

it was also funny to go through the anonymous predictions about how i was fucking up my life. a bunch of stuff about how movien in with phil was a bad idea, but we're still together, and we're still living together and while stuff isn't perfect, that pretty much goes with the fact that i'm a weirdo and so is he. everybody gets upset about stuff and gets in arguments, especially after this long

it's also funny because mir's sort of turned into how i was then. HA HA MIR IS A REAL GIRL (love you mom).

and thanks to everybody that read, and still reads and who's given me support when i'm in shitty moods, even if they were silly reason.

i'd read through more, but now i'm going to attempt to retype amd put together this ridiculous lab from hell that i hate and loathe. thank god there's only a week left in this class. jesus loves me

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i'm a freak, i couldn't resist this   
04:17pm 11/07/2004
mood: hungry
Your Dream Vampire Boyfriend(Girls only) by Cainesgirl101
Zodiac sign
Your dream vampire-guyShoulder length black hair, and red eyes. Dark clothing and described as entrancing.
How you metHe is fleeing from dawns first light, and you invite him in to your house to save his life.
The first thing you said to himare-you-a-vampire-oh-my-gosh-are-you-a-vampire?!
Where you two ended upHe comes to you in the dead of night to tell you that he must leave, and that he will never see you again. So for that he asks you to come away with him and leave everything you'd ever known.
His favorite thing to do to youHe just loves kissing you.
Will you end up as a vampireYep- eternity with him at your side.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

too many vampires in my childhood have left me with a morbid soft spot *sigh*

my hair is orange, but it looks nice
i need to go get groceries and order liquor
i bought the coolest ring ever the other day
summer school sucks large and i hate it
playing champions of norrath with phil rules, i'm very undecided about xenosaga though

hurray for randomness

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stolen from jen   
05:19pm 21/06/2004
mood: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
which jen, is a secret

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 96%
Kissing Skill Level - 68%
Cudding Skill Level - 92%
Sex Skill Level - 97%
Why They Love You You know how to push their buttons.
Why They Hate You You take more than you give.
This cool quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 23093 Times.
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Which poem are you?

The Mad Girl's Love Song by Sylvia Plath

To you, love is desperate and hateful. You're wildly passionate and wildly inventive. You're also likely to start stalking people.

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me stalkie you good

anyway, i finished my psych lab introduction. now i just have to read 4 chapters so i can write the quiz tomorrow and then read 3 books and 4 more articles and write an essay by the weekend. AWESOME!1

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08:38am 19/06/2004
Monster MASH by latexlov3
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

jen and i are married to the same man! SCANDALOUS!!

today is going to be a day of much cleaning. oh joy, oh bliss

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dude, i'm not dead   
05:08am 07/06/2004
mood: sleepy
Go have a look at my user interests.

1. Pick one thing from my interests list that you like, and explain why.
2. Pick one thing from my interests list that you don't like, and explain why.
3. Pick one thing from my interests list that surprises you, and explain why.
4. Pick one thing from my interests list that you don't understand, and I'll tell you about it.
5. Tell me one thing that's not on my interests list that should be.

Stolen from the_epic

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02:07am 14/05/2004

I took the most accurate villain personality test

created by:
The Arch Villainess Gracie

hurray for movies i haven't seen

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i've always wanted my own country   
09:01am 31/03/2004
mood: sleepy
and johnny d of course

Your Johnny Depp family by cerulean_dreams
Your Username
What he will wear on your wedding
You will name your sonChyal David
You will name you daughterJade Marie
This is your dog
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07:01am 31/03/2004
mood: amused
well fuck you too trevor
grow up
oh, and to use your own ridiculous bullshit
"it's my journal and i can say what you want to if you have a negative comment keep it to yourself" [/sarcarm]

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08:30pm 15/03/2004
mood: tired


it's funny, because i said so

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quizzes keep me awake so i can talk to my lovely   
05:52am 12/03/2004
mood: anxious
I&apos;m Asexual!!
You're Asexual!
You're not into the whole "sex with other
people" scene. Some might call you a
prude. (PRUDE!!) You just don't have a strong
attraction to either sex really... ... that...
or you just can't get none. :P

What is my sexual orientation?
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i'm sorry, but that's just the most bullshit thing i've ever heard and i know you all want to have sex with me so i know you think it's bullshit too!1


Which Kidneythieves song are you?

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i need to eat soup   
05:20am 12/03/2004
mood: hopeful
because soup is good food
and it makes a good meal

and if you don't get that, well BOOOOOOOOOoooo to you

jello and i dont' like you
that's right, me and the j-man

shut up
im drunk
i need soup

i stole this from dave's girlfriend and it makes me giggleCollapse )

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but the internet says i'm pretty!1   
07:05pm 05/03/2004
mood: oooooooooooooog
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Spiritual Advancement
In a survival situation, you:Run like hell
Your hidden talent is:A beautiful mind
Your gift is:Physical beauty
In groups, you:Are the center of attention
Your best quality is:Your industriousness
Your weakness is:Your furious temper
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i ate too many mashed potatoes and my stomach is oogy :(

Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one or two words,
leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this
sentence in your own journal.
(stolen from melissa and woody)

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this is the best quiz i've ever seen in my entire life   
11:59pm 03/03/2004
mood: impressed
You are a School Boy Kiss!! you're a deprived
catholic school boy who needs some action...
don't get caught in the locker room!

What kind of Hot Boy Kiss are you??
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i need to get me a couple of catholic boys

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01:04am 02/03/2004
  Dolce & Gabbana model in a metallic jacket with matching pants
Dolce & Gabbana. You just ooze sexuality and sin.
You like to be the controlling one in a
relationship, however it's even better if he
controls you as well. A rocker-chick, your
style is very harcore. You live to party and
try to get in as much trouble as possible in
the process.

Which fashion designer are you?
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who wants to see what i did to my hair?   
02:46am 29/02/2004
mood: tired
it only took like nine hours. THANKS MIR!! (lots o'bloody picturesCollapse )

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look mom, i can wake up early   
12:59pm 27/02/2004
mood: bored
and i can steal things from spiffCollapse )
i like movies
i want to play ffta, but phil's on his computer
just who does he think he is?

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this amused me greatly   
10:07pm 24/02/2004
mood: amused
Printing errors in the Bible

In a 1631 edition of the King James Bible, in Exodus 20 verse 14, the word "not" was left out. This changed the 7th commandment to read, "Thou shalt commit adultery." Most of the copies were recalled immediately and destroyed on the orders of Charles I. But there are 11 copies still remaining. They are known as the "Wicked Bible." (The Bible museum in Branson, Missouri has one on display.) The printer was fined the equivelant of $400.

The word "not" was also left out in the 1653 edition. In 1 Corinthians 6 verse 9 it was printed: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the kingdom of God" - instead of ""Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God." Again it was recalled immediately (- dashing the hopes of many!). It is known as the "Unrighteous Bible."

The Murderer's Bible, printed in 1801, declared: "these are murderers" (instead of murmurers) and continued, "let the children first be killed" (instead of "filled.")
Perhaps the error in Psalm 119 verse 161 in a 1702 version summed it all up: instead of "princes" it read, "printers have persecuted me." It is known as the Printer's Bible.

The first book that Johannes Gutenberg printed in 1454 was the Bible. It is thought that he printed about 180 copies, known as the 42-line Bible, of which significant parts of 48 copies still survive. Gutenberg did not make any printing errors.

from http://www.didyouknow.cd/Bible/errors.htm

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i'm an auntie (well sort of)   
10:00pm 24/02/2004
mood: ecstatic
chantelle had her baby!!!
and it's a girl
i was so right
everybody said it was a boy but i was right
now i get to buy pink things!
i'm so excited

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09:21am 24/02/2004
mood: awake
gold heart
Heart of Gold

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by Quizilla

so i finished an essay yesterday, oh joy oh bliss
anyone interested in reading about neo-nazi skinheads in reunified germany?

my mom is coming to visit tonight and taking us out for dinner
that rules because i love food, especially when i don't have to make it or wash dishes for it

in other news, i'm addicted to final fantasy tactics advance. i played it for over 24hrs on saturday/sunday because i was up for 40hrs. i fucking rule!1 [/sarcasm]

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05:39am 21/02/2004
mood: amused


Feeder Goldfish

Battle Rating

outkastbarbie was purchased at a national chain Pet Super-Store

Can your fishy beat outkastbarbie ?

now i have the goldfish crackers song in my head

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